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  • Tank : Polyester, washbasin, integrated rinsing tank, agitation by 4 venturis.


  • Regulation : Manual or motorized valves D and G or DPAE - 2 or 4 sections,
    4 level of filtration, staged filtration.

  • Pump : Flat 2 Supray pistons 70L/min with air bell.


  • Ventilation : Horizontal integrated into the frame, ventral suction, 550 mm diameter turbine, 10 outlets, easy maintenance via inspection hatches.


  • Chassis : Semi-mounted, streamlined, rigid stand, LED road signs.


  • Hitch : "V" Category 2, 180° pivoting head, wheel-in-wheel tracking, lock
    anti-tilt , maintenance-free ring, gimbal holder.


  • Spraying : Motorized valves and electric opening and closing.


  • Tracks : 980/1080 mm or 860/1040 mm.


  • Options : Motorized valves 4 sections closing the outer rows,
    electric guns, hose line.

Trailed sprayer

600L - 800L - 900L

Ramps: Wide Arch, Wide Vari, Wide Opti and Modular Gantry

The authentic  of the range with a realization in partnership with the winegrowers and the specialized retailers Nicolas Sprayers, the TTZ 2 has
a compact jig with a pivoting headstock allowing tracking  wheel in wheel (RDR system) and combining simplicity and efficiency of use .

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