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  • Tank : Phytosanitary, washbasin, integrated rinsing tank,  agitation by venturis.


  • Regulation : 2 types of regulation (electric regulator by ergonomic handles or DPAE), 4 levels of filtration .

  • Pump : APS 71 with 3 diaphragm pistons with air bell 70L/min.


  • Ventilation : Inverted suction, 10 outlets, multiplier box  at 3  gears
    with clutch assist.


  • Chassis : Semi-mounted modular, LED road signs.


  • Hitch: Category 2 / 2N hitch bar or category 2 articulated hitch.


  • Spraying : Motorized valves and electric opening/closing .


  • Tracks : 1300/1600 mm single or double axle or 1100/1400 mm double axle.


  • Options : Additional step, crutch wheel, double homokinetic universal joint, 
    2 additional valves for DPAE box, electric guidance of guns.

Trailed sprayer

1500L - 2000L

Ramps: Wide arch, Wide Vari, Wide Opti, Wide Exti, Vari face, Modular Gantry and Wide Vine (with double axle only)

The remarkable  of the range will surprise you with its tank capacity . In single or double version  axles and
with a wide range of spray booms that can reach a wingspan of up to 6 m , the RAFALE allows high worksite throughput ,
with a result that meets your expectations.

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